Caffeine and Creativity – Linked?

close up photography of cup of coffee

I am not a morning person. And that makes it especially funny that I write early in the morning – that’s not because I want to write early in the morning, but because its easiest for me to get in a solid hour of writing time before the life of others in the household begins – I’m not focused in these writing sessions on figuring out where my story will go next – I have outlined my story already and I have that answer, I just need to drink my coffee (or tea, or coke) and get as many words on the page as possible. But every so often I have to admit it – a giant lightbulb goes off in my head and I realize that my story was set up to work a certain way from the very beginning, I just have to go back to my outline and add the new details.

I’m firmly convinced I regularly marinate that story outline in caffeine and every so often I pull a Zeus – my brain pops out a fully formed and functional idea! This is why I believe in caffeine in reasonable amounts!

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