And my version of Camelot is already off the rails…

gray scale photography of knight

My writing process is pretty well esstablished – for me I have to start with my research, and the plot fits into the historic or mythic circumstances of the story I’m working with. For THE REVENGE OF AVALON there’s history, but there’s far more Arthurian myth we all recognize. Yesterday the writing of the novel began – and I ran right into the maw of “How am I going to start this book?!?” What came out of it was a major surprise – and was pretty ironic. I won’t deal with the spoiler, except to say that a Renaissance Fair should be full of people focused on history and not data science, and the chivalric code might dictate some fidelity to one’s GF/BF, instead of getting it on with someone else! Finally I get my start it off with sex moment! So much for chivalry!

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