Steaming Hot Romance. True Love Across Time. My time travel romances send modern women back in time to fall hopelessly in love with hot historical men!

My love of steaming hot romance reads, and historical research combine to make me a writer for the reader who loves steaming hot sex and fascinating history rolled into one! 
Before I begin writing, I search for historical figures to include in the narrative. Taking advantage of what we know – and what historians think we know – about them to build historical mystery and suspense into character-driven romances that satisfy. 
My spicy novella short read series are available on Amazon. Links to past novella series releases are on each series webpage and my Amazon Author Page
Beginning in 2023, I will transition to releasing both steaming hot standalone time travel romances and time travel romance novel series. These novels are listed on my Books Page, are available on Amazon, and will be available from other booksellers by January 2024!

Who was Jack the Ripper? Not who anyone expects him to be…


Two competing Ripperologists return to the crime scene to further their secret ambitions but instead, fall hopelessly for one another.


They couldn’t know an obsessed Jack searches for them in Whitechapel 1888. He knows exactly who is searching for him while he hides in plain sight. What better way to conceal his identity than eliminate his hunters?


From Audra Hershey, steamy time travel romance author, comes a romantic suspense mystery with a time travel twist!


Click to find steaming hot romance – and solve the most famous cold case in history!

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I am planning my 2024 publication schedule, and I’d love your input!


Insights from reader surveys so far are very illuminating:

  • My readers prefer the traditional length novel over the novella series.
  • The vote is for standalone novels over a series with multiple volumes that must be read in order.
  • Independent volumes in a single universe is a possibility.
  • Time travel romance and historical romance are essentially tied.
  • Regardless of time travel or historical romance, you are seeking STEAM!
  • For historical settings  the most popular are Regency and Victorian England; Highlander Scotland and the Viking Expansion; The Golden Age of Celtic Culture; Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome; and Renaissance France and Italy.


Your feedback will impact where we go in time (and who my hot heroines fall for in history) for years to come. Please fill out the survey you’ll find HERE and add your voice to those shaping Audra Hershey Romance’s future! 

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I have a Master’s degree in Communications and live in Colorado with my husband and son.  When I’m not writing hot books, I work on home improvement, walking dogs, and being ignored by the cat collection.


I left law school to spend a year tracing my family history – first to colonial Massachusetts and Quaker Pennsylvania and then across the Atlantic to find Norman knights, Viking sailors, and Scots warriors scaring the Romans enough to build Hadrian’s wall. 


I am fascinated by history – my passion for historical research shows throughout my books. And I love hearing from my readers. Drop me a message!

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I love bling – I have these keychains on my many zippers (I’m big on backpacks with LOTS of pockets – yes, you can hear me coming). I think they’re loads of fun – so now you know one of my not-so-secret vices! 

Like many readers, I am a book ADDICT – I think I like most of my hobbies because they have books that go along with them! 

In my heart (if not my DNA), I am Italian. My family is from an area rich with Italian immigrants and in my family we cook Italian. This is my most recent cookbook purchase!

You always knew that I was a history buff – why else would I write time travel romance? After THE QUEEN’S QUEST, I’ve been binging non-fiction on Eleanor of Aquitaine

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