All my steamy time travel romances are available on Amazon and will be coming to other retailers beginning in January 2024. 


While my existing steaming hot time travel novella short read series will still be available on Amazon, beginning in 2024, I will transition to publishing full-length steamy time travel and historical novels.

I am also planning ongoing series of books that are set in the same universes, and that can be read in any order. 

These books will be available here as well as multiple retailers beginning in January 2024!

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From Audra Hershey, steaming hot time travel author, comes a new short-read novella series about the loves and losses of the greatest tactician of all time – Genghis Khan and his heir Ögedei!


Denver, Modern Day. Callista Samuels has plans for her future – and her boyfriend Zach is more a hindrance than a help. When she discovers his infidelity during an interview at the Natural History Museum where she works, Callie is so upset she needs to get away, and wanders through the museum into what appears to be a different period of the building’s history, before falling through time itself!


Mongol Empire, 1222. Callie arrives to find herself accused of being a spy, but quickly convinces Genghis Khan she can’t be. His son and heir Ogedei isn’t convinced, so Genghis requires his skeptical son to watch Callie like a hawk. But when the injuries from her arrival threaten her life, sparks fly between the Khan’s Heir and the beauty from another time.


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From Audra Hershey, Steamy Time Travel Romance author, comes a spicy romance bringing a Salem witch to the modern era!


Salem Village, Massachusetts 1693. Fiery Abigail Smith is too beautiful for her own good in the fervent community of Puritans in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. As her father grieves her mother’s death, Abigail must save her siblings from starvation – she trades her virtue for food until a jealous wife betrays her as a witch. Facing execution, she prays desperately for rescue. And finds herself falling through time to meet a modern man who will save her life and win her heart!

Danvers, Massachussetts, the modern era. Michael Tennant has business success and the money that follows, but his love life is in tatters. Heartbroken after discovering The One loves another man, Mike has sworn off women – only to find one dressed like a filthy pilgrim in the middle of his flagship store!

Mike and Abigail might live happily ever after. But Abigail shifts from past to present and back again without knowing why. And the man executing Salem’s witches stalks her in both timelines. He’s hoping to end her life regardless of what era they find themselves in.

Will they succeed in sending their tormentor back to The Witch Trials of Salem Village, or is Abigail doomed to be trapped on the wrong side of time, cursed to live out what little time she has left as one of Salem’s unjustly accused witches?

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From Audra Hershey, steaming hot time travel author comes a new short-read novella series about the loves and losses of the deadliest Viking family in history – Erik the Red and his two sons!


As a hard-core karate competitor, Livina may survive a bad breakup or a major loss. But after falling through time into Viking Vinland with Erik the Red demanding she teaches his attack force weaponless fighting, Livina is about to change history. Erik plans to decimate the Icelandic Vikings as payback for his banishment.


She is sucked into an invasion that history says never happened. Livina’s arrival changed history; will she change it back?


Erik’s son Thorvald is forced to watch Livina, but he doesn’t reveal her true identity as a time traveler. His constant guard leads first to Livina’s annoyance, then to romance when he overcomes her defenses.


Together they try to convince Erik to abandon his invasion, but his dementia clouds Erik’s vision. Can they ensure history rights itself, without the death of Thorvald recorded by the history books?


This Viking romance combines murderous revenge, steaming hot romance, and suspenseful mystery until the last moment!

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When a Renaissance Fair queen is abandoned in an empty parking lot bemoaning the lack of modern chivalry, a lightning storm transports her to the place that is supposed to define chivalry itself! 

But Arthurian chivalry turns out to be a disappointment as seething jealousy among Artus’ knights and a vengeful queen out for revenge work to complicate the love the new arrival finds for the King of England!

With a time-travel twist, this is not your typical Arthurian legend!

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Richard the Lionheart spent Christmas of 1192 imprisoned in Dürnstien Castle, after being taken prisoner as he returned from Crusade by Leopold V of Austria. Little is known of his experiences during his 14 months of imprisonment –only that after the ransom asked for the King of England was paid, he was released.

During his time in prison, there was ample time for Richard to father an illegitimate child on a servant girl should once have been sent to wait on him. But what if the woman was Leopold’s own disgraced and disowned daughter?

Marie of Austria: The daughter of Leopold and Helene, Marie is betrothed to a man she has never met to cement a treaty that means nothing to her. She has fallen in love with a palace guard and is with his child so that she may escape her arranged marriage.

Richard the Lionheart: Richard is imprisoned because he cast down Leopold’s banner over Acre while on Crusade, and likely instigated the assassination of Leopold’s cousin. Since he refuses to apologize for either of these slights, imprisoned he will remain.

Marie is sent to Dürnstien to gain leverage over the Lion – what better way to his heart than for the girl to seduce him and then claim her child is the illegitimate heir to the English throne?

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Marianna Dunbar has everything she ever wanted – her career as a young doctor is flourishing, and she’s marrying her perfect man in the morning!


But when she finds him cheating on her with her best friend minutes before he plans to say, “I do”, Marianna runs away from her French cathedral destination wedding to the cold, dark Medieval ruin on the church grounds – and emerges from a freezing confessional into the court of Louis VII and into the arms of the knight of her dreams!


Marianna becomes a pawn in the Eleanor of Aquitaine’s plan to murder her husband Louis VII while on Crusade and rule France alone. Only her true love can save her – and His Majesty – from the Queen and her plot to take the throne!

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The ruins of an ancient Celtic village. A brooding Medieval keep with a malevolent history. What happened here to give this beautiful countryside such an evil reputation?

 Instead of looking forward to a summer in the Irish countryside with her fiancé, Elena Rutherford is dreading it. And whether he is real or not, a druid has invaded her dreams – and her bed! Balinor is a druidic healer whose homeland has been invaded. And if the Roman commander dies of the plague they brought, his sadistic second in command will slaughter his people.

A fall through time in the Irish countryside leads Elena to her dream lover. But can she save his people from the Roman Plague?


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Elizabeth Crane is looking for professional acclaim and a man better than her philandering ex. When she goes looking for the Basilica di Fano, she finds both – after falling through time and landing in the arms of Marcus Vitruvius himself! 

Elizabeth Crane: I’m the kind of professor my colleagues love to hate – younger, famous, capable of attracting research money. I’ve wanted to research Virtuvius for years – his Basilica di Fano seems to call out to me. It’s time to leave my ex behind and face my future in Fano!

Marcus Vitruvius: I find myself in tiny Ffanum Fortunae far from Rome. And my heart is captured by my work on the Basilica here, and the strange woman who appears from nowhere and captures my heart.


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Frank Windsor is trapped in a time loop he can’t escape. But Frank has a plan. He recruits Anna Chase to help with the promise of changing her own past. But will she follow the plan or doom him to an eternity outside time?


The Parallax Bar and Grill: Anna focuses on mixing drinks and meaningless sex in hopes that will be enough to forget her past heartbreak. When dapper Frank Windsor arrives, offering Anna the chance to make things right – by changing her own past – she jumps at it. But before she does, Frank insists she travel in time for him. The question is, will she?


Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1916: Anna has to convince Frank that she was sent to give him a message, but he stubbornly refuses to listen. The two fall desperately for each other, but when war breaks out Frank ignores his heart and follows his patriotic duty to war on the Western Front.

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The Valley of the Kings lay undisturbed for thousands of years before modern archaeologists explored Egypt’s mysteries. They found one in KV56.


Who is buried here? Could this be the tomb of a child of Seti II and Twosret? Twosret herself? No one knows.

Alexandria Griffin is about to find out.


The Valley of the Kings: Stephen Roosevelt has betrayed her love for him by cheating on her. In the argument about his infidelity, he shoves her through a rift in time…


The Nineteenth Dynasty: Alex arrives in Ancient Egypt to find Twosret burying her husband – and plotting to usurp the throne from her stepson Siptah!

Sparks fly between Alex and Siptah – they are immediately, irresistibly drawn to each other. But Twosret will stop at nothing to take over Egypt.

Will Alex be able to return to her own time? Or will Twosret kill her in this one?

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New Orleans, 1899. Johnathan Barclay’s life is falling apart – after years of mismanagement, his father has brought the family business to the brink, and his mother is slowly dying…


Tulane University, the near future. Regina Hawthorne wants to go back to New Orleans 1899 to research how Madam Josie Arlington brought the Barclay family to its knees. Her plan? To infiltrate the Barclays as a long-lost cousin.


But the last thing she expects is to fall head over heels for the dutiful Barclay son. Will Regina return to her own time, leaving the love of her life behind? Or can she convince him to choose her over his responsibilities?


A steamy romp through the heart of one of America’s sexiest cities.

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