From Audra Hershey, steaming hot time travel author, comes a new short-read novella series about the loves and losses of the greatest tactician of all time – Genghis Khan and his heir Ögedei!


Denver, Modern Day. Callista Samuels has plans for her future – and her boyfriend Zach is more a hindrance than a help. When she discovers his infidelity during his interview at the Natural History Museum where she works, Callie is so upset she needs to get away. She wanders through the museum into what appears to be a different period of the building’s history, before falling through time itself!


Mongol Empire, 1222. Callie arrives to find herself accused of being a spy but quickly convinces Genghis Khan she can’t be – her physical beauty makes her a poor candidate to be a spy.


While Genghis agrees (and begins his hope of recruiting Callie to be one of his concubines), his son and heir, Ogedei, isn’t convinced, so Genghis requires his skeptical son to watch Callie like a hawk. But when the injuries from her arrival threaten her life, sparks fly between the Khan’s Heir and the beauty from another time.


The Khan’s Prisoner: Callie has arrived in the Mongol Empire and has managed to avoid execution as a spy – for the moment. She doesn’t know that Genghis wants her to join his harem of concubines. His offer? To grant her such favor that he will let her carry his child!



After declining, Callie spends the night with the man who trains all the concubines in Genghis’ harem – and he fulfills her every sensual desire!


Callie is more than ready to continue her involvement with him, but fate intervenes – she insults Ögedei, and he overhears her. The stage is set for what the Mongol Empire might call “The Fight of the Century” as the two face off in the center of Genghis’ palace to see who can win over the Khan!

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The Heir’s Desire: Callie and Ögedei are immediately at each other’s throats as the Khan’s heir still believes her to be a spy sent to infiltrate the court of Genghis Khan.

But Genghis, in his wisdom, recognizes the unconscious attraction growing between the two. He demands that Callie join Ögedei’s household as his servant. As a servant any romance between them is strictly forbidden.

Her injuries quickly intervene and throw the two of them together and the inevitable – forbidden love – grows between them as Ögedei gives in to his overwhelming desire for Callie.


The only problem? His Honored Wife Boraqchin, jealous of Ögedei’s love for Callie and bitter at Ögedei’s unwillingness to give her a child, plans revenge on both lovers!

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The Lovers’ Secret: Callie and Ögedei continue their illicit affair, not knowing that they were caught on their first night together, and spies throughout Genghis Khan’s palace are watching. Callie’s initial injuries never fully heal, and she doesn’t think she will ever improve. But Callie and Ögedei plan their secret life together as the weeks wear on, and Callie has almost forgotten her past life – she hopes to spend the rest of her days with Ögedei.

But disaster strikes – Callie is whisked back to her own time. The good news? Modern medicine can cure the serious injuries that would have killed her in the past. The bad news? She is devastated as it appears she will be separated from Ögedei forever!


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Series also coming soon as a compendium edition of all five novellas in eBook and paperback formats

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