The Pharaoh's Revenge

The Valley of the Kings lay undisturbed for thousands of years before modern archaeologists explored Egypt’s mysteries. They found one in KV56.

Who is buried here? Could this be the tomb of a child of Seti II and Twosret? Twosret herself? No one knows.


Alexandria Griffin is about to find out.


The Valley of the Kings: Stephen Roosevelt (her mentor and lover) is leading a dig to explore further. He’s betrayed her love for him by cheating on her.In the argument about his infidelity, he shoves her through a rift in time…


The Nineteenth Dynasty: Alex arrives in Ancient Egypt to find Twosret burying her husband – and plotting to usurp the throne from her stepson Siptah!

Sparks fly between Alex and Siptah – they are immediately, irresistibly drawn to each other. But Twosret will stop at nothing to take over Egypt.


Will Alex be able to return to her own time? Or will Twosret kill her in this one?


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Two Pharaohs in Egypt: Alexandria Griffin and her lover Stephen Roosevelt lead a dig to explore KV56. In an argument about his infidelity, he shoves her through a rift in time to the day when Twosret buries her husband and begins plotting to take the throne from her stepson Siptah! Alex and Siptah are immediately drawn to each other. But nothing will stop Twosret’s plan to rule Egypt. Will Alex be able to return to her own time? Or will Twosret kill her in this one?

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A Pharaoh Betrayed: Even as she plans the celebrations of Siptah’s coming of age, Twosret plans his undoing. Twosret tries desperately to get with a child to challenge Siptah’s claim to the throne of Egypt! In Alex’s time, the team now knows Alex never returned from a confrontation in the Valley of the Kings. They search for her among the ancient graves of kings – and contact the police to report her missing!

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Eve of War in Egypt: Siptah’s coming of age arrives and all Egypt centers its attention on Pi-Ramesses. And just as they consummate the feelings between them, Siptah admits that as part of his coming-of-age ceremony, that night he will be forced to be unfaithful to her. On the morning after his coming of age, Twosret calls the council of Egypt to tell them she is with child and demand that her child rule!

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The Treacherous Dynasty: Alex and Siptah are now forbidden lovers – he hides his feelings for her while they secretly spend their nights together. She warns him about Twosret and tells him the truth – that where she is from, Siptah died, Twosret had a child who died, and Twosret’s own rule ended the dynasty. Siptah banishes her from her quarters. She finds out about the illicit affair between his friend and his fiancée, and now the friend needs her dead.

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The Pharaoh Ascendant: Twosret orders her guards to take Alex back to the Valley of the Kings and execute her. Only, she returns through time – soon enough to save Stephen Roosevelt from murder charges but not soon enough to save the expedition. The dig team helps her return to the Valley of the Kings and the past – just in time for a funeral. But who has died? The child buried in KV56? Or Siptah himself?

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Series also available as compendium edition of all five novellas in eBook and paperback formats

When I turned my attention to Ancient Egypt as a setting for a time travel romance, I went looking specifically for a  female Pharaoh – and not one I knew like Nefertiti or Cleopatra. In the thousands of years of Ancient Egyptian history, there were nine. And one of them was Twosret. 

And with Twosret there are many mysteries. One of the richest finds of gold and silver ever found in the  Valley of the Kings has her name emblazoned in it, yet she herself is a woman without a tomb. She was originally buried with her husband, but as her reign ended in civil war and the beginning of a new dynasty, the new Pharaoh moved Seti II to another tomb in the Valley of the Kings, but Twosret was not reburied with him. 

And Twosret became Pharaoh after the “mysterious” death of her stepson Siptah, the rightful heir to the throne of Egypt, who died young and for no reason left behind to history. Twosret took power, and in addition to becoming Pharaoh she usurped the years of Siptah’s reign as well. In the absence of a more mundane explanation, the wicked stepmother’s ambition to rule came into play, for better or worse.  


Aside from the steamy hot scenes, the books pretty much wrote themselves. 

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