New Orleans, 1899. Johnathan Barclay’s life is falling apart – after years of mismanagement, his father has brought the family business to the brink, and his mother is slowly dying…


Tulane University, the near future. Regina Hawthorne is a PhD student. She wants to go back to New Orleans 1899 to research how brothel madam Josie Arlington brought the Barclay family to its knees. Her plan? To infiltrate the Barclays as a long-lost cousin.

But the last thing she expects is to fall head over heels for the dutiful Barclay son. Will Regina return to her own time, leaving the love of her life behind? Or can she convince the man she loves to choose her over his family and his responsibilities to them?


A steamy romp through one of America’s sexiest cities. Let the good times roll! 


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The Widow and The Whore

Regina Hawthorne is smart, sexy, and secretly sleeping with her history advisor. Through her feminine wiles she convinces her dissertation panel to send her back to New Orleans 1899 to find out how Josie Arlington, brothel madam and society mover and shaker, brought the Barclay shipping empire to its knees.

Her plan is to infiltrate the Barclays as a long-lost cousin. But what she doesn’t expect is to find herself irresistibly drawn to Johnathan Barclay!

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The Widow and the Wolf

Regina is torn between her growing attraction for Johnathan Barclay and watching Josie Arlington destroy his family business. As a guest, she has a roof over her head and unlimited access to the handsome Johnathan, but no way to contact the elusive madam at the center of her studies. Regina jumps at the chance to meet Josie. But in the end her feelings toward Johnathan can’t be denied – and they finally consummate the irresistible attraction that has been growing between them.

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The Widow and the Wormhole

Regina and Johnathan spend every moment they can find alone together, carrying on a torrid affair they have tried – and failed – to keep secret. Regina never meant to fall in love and has now found herself hopelessly head over heels with Johnathan Barclay.

But Regina’s time in the past is running out – and she doesn’t know what to do. She attempts to convince Johnathan to join her in her present – only to be cast  out of the Barclay estate, taking shelter with Josie in Storyville until her return to her own time. 


Only the passage that brought her back to 1899 has been shut down. Regina is trapped!

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The Widow and the Wastrel

With each passing moment, Regina regrets her decision to leave Johnathan behind. She had arrived in 1899 originally thinking her research would matter most, and now she’s heartbroken knowing she’ll leave Johnathan behind forever.

Meanwhile, the Tulane history faculty have launched a rescue mission, and they get more than they bargain for as they travel through time. But Alex Drake (who by chance arrived before Regina did) is ready to come to the rescue and take up his old sexual relationship with him – if she’ll let him.

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The Widow and the Wedding

Regina wants what it seems she won’t have – a return to her present, preferably with Johnathan Barclay, the man that she loves. Unfortunately for Regina, she’s trapped in the past with Dr. Alex Drake, who has spent months in the past on a wild debauch so profound he doesn’t even know how to return to the present himself.

And the Barclay story ends the way Josie Arlington planned for years, and as history told Regina it always would – the Barclays are bankrupted and end in ruin. Now the lovers have to decide their future. Will they stay in 1899 or return to Regina’s time?

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Series also available as compendium edition of all five novellas in eBook or paperback format

I visited New Orleans before Katrina for a work conference and stayed in the French Quarter in a mansion that could have been The Arlington in another life – it was restored beautifully, and with wrought iron railings and parquet floors, my memory of that hotel remains although I’ve forgotten the name.


I was looking for a single interesting time and place to return to in New Orleans, and Josie stood out. Between the gamblers and voodoo priestesses and shipping magnates bankrupted by the Civil War, this is another one of those settings that calls to me for both further time travels as well as a pure historical novel series. The city itself is so unique I could see an entire universe of stories set there, both present and past!

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