Viking Blood

A Steamy Time Travel Romance Short Read Series

From Audra Hershey, steaming hot time travel author comes a new short-read novella series about the loves and losses of the deadliest Viking family in history – Erik the Red and his two sons!


Livina may survive a bad breakup or a major loss as a hard-core karate competitor. But after falling through time into Viking Vinland with Erik the Red demanding she teach his attack force weaponless fighting, Livina is about to change history. Erik plans to decimate the Icelandic Vikings as payback for his banishment.


She is sucked into an invasion that history says never happened. Livina’s arrival changed history; will she change it back?


Erik’s son Thorvald is forced to watch Livina, but he doesn’t reveal her true identity as a time traveler. His constant guard leads first to Livina’s annoyance, then to romance when he overcomes her defenses.


Together they try to convince Erik to abandon his invasion, but his dementia clouds Erik’s vision. Can they ensure history rights itself, without the death of Thorvald recorded by the history books?


This Viking romance combines murderous revenge, steaming hot romance, and suspenseful mystery until the last moment!

Vinland’s Second Son: Livina Erickson is far more interested in researching her Viking heritage than her boyfriend Brad – and that ends their relationship for good. Livina ends up doing late night reading on the couch and wakes in Vinland, to be rescued from freezing by none other than Thorvald, Erik the Red’s second son. Her first goal? Survive Erik the Red’s challenge to fight to the death with another recent arrival – Revna of Iceland, who secretly plans to kill both Leif Erikson and Thorvald!


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The Frozen Land: Trapped in the early days of Viking settlement on Vinland, Livina is desperate to return to her own time. However, she finds herself even more desperately attracted to Thorvald Eirikson, who alone among the Vikings here understands her origins are not from Norway and Iceland as she claims. They become lovers, and Leif takes advantage by ensuring Revna becomes HIS lover so Leif can protect her from Erik the Red. But he has no idea the reason Revna and her Vikings arrived is to kill both Leif and his brother Thorvald!

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The Icy Heart: Livina and Thorvald have accidentally arrived in modern times, which Livina initially believes translates to the lovers’ happily ever after. But with Livina’s livid ex living downstairs wreaking havoc and Thorvald wanting to return to his father and brother in Vinland, things are far more complicated. To make it worse, Livina discovers what history indicates is Thorvald’s fate – he is supposed to become the first European to die in North America!


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The Viking’s Loss: Livina and Thorvald spend their time in the modern era trying to choose between two timelines. Even though Thorvald has been told history indicates he died in Vinland, he is convinced the saga written by his family is a smokescreen to hide his disappearance to the modern era. But when the lovers are attacked by a Brad – livid Livina seems to have easily been able to replace him – THREE time travelers return to Vinland to be taken prisoner by the Icelanders there, who have told the grief-stricken Erik the Red that BOTH his sons are dead!


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The complete series will be available as a compendium edition of all five novellas in eBook and paperback formats

The maritime adventures of the Vikings make for fun reading as history alone – I’ve got significant Norse ancestry from a family of Norman French knights that followed William the Conqueror to England in 1066. But the mystery of where the Vikings landed in North America and when has been a question historians have been trying to answer for years, as soon as it was clear that Viking ships were seaworthy for long distances across the open sea. 

We know there were significant colonies in Iceland and Greenland for as long as the weather cooperated to allow for agriculture. But once the Little Ice Age came and made these far-flung northern lands marginal for European livestock and farming, the Norse retreated to friendlier climes. 

This story focusing on the adventures of Erik the Red’s sons Leif and Thorvald makes for an entertaining read – and a steamy romantic one – though there’s one problem. Thorvald is fated to become the first European to die in North America, and there’s no way to have Livina and Thorvald live happily ever after this way!

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