Songs of the Old Soldier

A Steamy Time Travel Romance Series

Frank Windsor survived the horrors of WWI trench warfare – only to be trapped in an eternal loop in time he can’t break. One woman can save him – but she won’t be born until long after he dies!


Anna Chase is a shell of a woman, using sex to distract her from the emptiness life’s tragedies have caused in her heart. She meets a twinkly-eyed gentleman at the bar where she works, with an enticing promise – he can show her how to go back and change her own past. But, first, he has to save someone else. 


Will Anna succeed and free herself from the shadows of her past? Or will she too become trapped in time, reliving them for eternity?

You Can’t Go Home Again: Frank Windsor arrives in Anna’s life and she’s immediately charmed by the elderly gentleman – but his proof that he can loop through time amazes her. Can Anna return to a point in her own life to solve the biggest mistake she ever made? Frank agrees to teach her what he knows – but before she does anything else, she must go back in time and deliver a message for him.

Such a Long Way to Go: Anna gets to work on learning how to somehow decide time doesn’t really exist, as Frank puts it. She’s ready to follow his directions as Anna learns to stop time. And then she takes Frank’s message to find another Frank – and this man has no interest in listening to her. He’s wrapped around two different rich women’ fingers (having sex with one and resisting the other). He has no time for a third woman!

The Garden of Your Heart: Anna has no issue calling Frank out on his man-whore activities. After all, it was hardly any time ago that she was out having anonymous sex in bar bathrooms, she can relate. The two find a deep and irrestistable attraction that they finally consummate – and after that they can’t keep their hands off one another, much to the consternation and despair of the ladies using Frank as their gigolo!

Keep the Home Fires Burning: Anna and Frank live in their own little world – some days they don’t even get dressed, they just stay in bed pleasuring each other. But Frank’s farm requires attention, and one man alone is having his issues making it work. The harvest will cover this years expenses and not much else. He’s essentially bankrupt.

I’m Sorry I Made You Cry: The great news is that Anna is expecting. The bad news is that Frank becomes even more concerned about how to manage the farm and his family. A chance letter from his friend from the Army points to a way out – with rumblings that the U.S. will join the war in Europe, Frank can join the Army and receive Army pay – and if there are  other benefits like pensions even better. Frank marries Anna on Christmas Eve, and they spend one honeymoon night together before he abandons her to join the army.

Dear Little Boy of Mine: Anna waits for her daughter to be born, and then goes off on the next part of her rescue mission – saving her son from the disease that will kill him. Along the way she provides his doctor with the information from the future that he needed to become an expert in pediatric oncology – and also to ruin his life by destroying his relationship with the woman he loves. The two become lovers out of mutual need while he works desperately to save Anna’s son from certain death!

After the War is Over: Anna’s son looks like he’s going to make a recovery. His doctor’s other half has never stopped carrying a torch for him and they overcome their differences and start over. But in modern times Frank Windsor is still missing in action on The Maginot Line. Until Anna travels back to find him. Will she succeed? Or will his ongoing thoughts that he’s going to die at the Battle of Belleau Wood come true?


Now available as a compendium edition of all seven novellas in eBook and paperback format

World War I has always been a strange war to me – first fought on horseback, then graduating quickly to tanks. I read while in college that the Maginot line still has land mines found regularly. 

This was a fun series for me as my protagonist had the power to move herself in time and space once she learned how. It’s not a traditional time travel technique used much in storytelling – there’s no magic portal or timeslipping from time A to time B. The idea of the humanity behind what it would take to have a young man leave his new wife behind became my focus – the history of both my hero and heroine becomes sad, but they do end with a solid happily ever after.  

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