My readers clarified their interests: interesting historical times and hot sex with even hotter historical men!

In 2023, I will publish three steaming hot time travel short read romance series – each releasing a new installment every three weeks. 
In addition, I’m planning to release three hot standalone novels, one that will introduce an ongoing series! So as I always sign off at the end of my newsletters, I hope you find yourself a great book.
Upcoming Steamy Short Read Series

Genghis Khan ruled over China before dividing his empire among his sons upon his death. One of those sons had a wife who didn’t arrive traditionally – she started as a museum docent who fell through time! 


Coming May 2023

Our heroine finds a friend with benefits to travel with on her way through Greece, but at one of the possible burial sites for Alexander the Great, she falls through time to find herself brought before the man himself and falls for him!


Coming September 2023

Upcoming Steamy Full Length Novels

A homicide detective and forensic psychologist travels back in time to finally solve the Jack the Ripper case once and for all. 


There’s just one problem – Jack is a modern serial killer who traveled back in time with them! Will the two investigators find out Jack followed them back into the past for his Whitechapel killing spree before it’s too late?  



Coming September 2023

It started small enough. The outdoor cat Merlin brought her indoor cat a present – a bird, the neighbor dog’s chew toy, a gold doubloon…Soon enough, the owner of Merlin’s love interest and the professor next door are searching to find out where the cat is finding these genuine historical artifacts…and Merlin’s owners are not what they appear to be!


Coming December 2023

Coming Soon: Steamy Series Collection Release

From Audra Hershey, steaming hot time travel author, comes a new short-read novella series about the loves and losses of the deadliest Viking family in history – Erik the Red and his two sons!

As a hard-core karate competitor, Livina may survive a bad breakup or a major loss. But after falling through time into Viking Vinland, Erik the Red demands she teach his attack force weaponless fighting to prepare for an attack against Iceland’s Vikings who banished Erik. But Livina knows no such attack took place!

Erik’s son Thorvald is forced to watch Livina, but he doesn’t reveal her true identity as a time traveler. His constant guard leads first to Livina’s annoyance, then to romance when he overcomes her defenses.

Can they ensure history rights itself, without the death of Thorvald recorded by the history books?


This Viking romance combines murderous revenge, steaming hot romance, and suspenseful mystery until the last moment!

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