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Richard the Lionheart spent Christmas of 1192 imprisoned in Dürnstien Castle, after being taken prisoner as he returned from Crusade by Leopold V of Austria. Little is known of his experiences during his 14 months of imprisonment –only that after the ransom asked for the King of England was paid, he was released.

During his time in prison, there was ample time for Richard to father an illegitimate child on a servant girl should once have been sent to wait on him. But what if the woman was Leopold’s own disgraced and disowned daughter?

Marie of Austria: The daughter of Leopold and Helene, Marie is betrothed to a man she has never met to cement a treaty that means nothing to her. She has fallen in love with a palace guard and is with his child so that she may escape her arranged marriage.

Richard the Lionheart: Richard is imprisoned because he cast down Leopold’s banner over Acre while on Crusade, and likely instigated the assassination of Leopold’s cousin. Since he refuses to apologize for either of these slights, imprisoned he will remain.


Marie is sent to Dürnstien to gain leverage over the Lion – what better way to his heart than for the girl to seduce him and then claim her child is the illegitimate heir to the English throne?

Marianna Dunbar has everything she ever wanted – her career as a young doctor is flourishing, and she’s marrying her perfect man in the morning!

But when she finds him cheating on her with her best friend minutes before he plans to say, “I do”, Marianna runs away from her French cathedral destination wedding to the cold, dark Medieval ruin on the church grounds – and emerges from a freezing confessional into the court of Louis VII and into the arms of the knight of her dreams!


Here Eleanor of Aquitaine rules the roost. While the fiery Queen has pledged to go on Crusade with her pious husband, she plots behind closed doors with more than one secret lover to assassinate King Louis!


Marianna becomes a pawn in the Queen’s deadly game. The lusty knights of Louis VII must pledge that they will conspire with her Majesty against the King – and one will receive Marianna’s hand as his reward. Only her true love can save her – and His Majesty – from the Queen and her plot to take the throne!

Elizabeth Crane

I’m the kind of professor that my colleagues love to hate – younger, famous (my books have hit bestseller lists), and capable of attracting research money. I’ve wanted to pursue research on Marcus Vitruvius and his Basilica di Fano for years. It’s time to cut ties with my philandering ex and go to Fano to find what’s left of the First Architect’s legacy.

Marcus Vitruvius

Inventor. Designer. Architect and builder. I left Julius Caesar’s campaign to resume my life as a builder but find myself in tiny Fanum Fortunae, far from the center of the Empire. And my heart is captured by my work on the Basilica here, and the strange woman who appears from nowhere and captures my heart. Her tales of the future convince me she and I will be parted forever when she returns to her own time.

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