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Steamy Storyville Book 4!

New Orleans, 1899. Regina has taken refuge with Josie as she waits to return to her own time. She had arrived thinking her research would matter most, and now she’s heartbroken understanding she’ll leave Johnathan behind.


Tulane University, the near future.  The history faculty get more than they bargain for as they travel through time. But Alex Drake is ready to rescue Regina, and take up his old sexual relationship with her – if she’ll let him.

There’s just one problem – Alex has done his thinking below the waist and lost his own passage back through time. He searches the red-light district for the conduit leading to modern day Tulane.


But Josie has other ideas. A sucker for true love, it seems, she sends Johnathan a note to retrieve his love at the Arlington. What will he find there? A girl dressed as a man, or a woman dressed in another man’s clothes?


A steamy romp through the heart of one of America’s sexiest cities. Let the good times roll!



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The Widow and the Wolf

Regina finds herself growing closer to Johnathan Barclay. Her focus should be on a Storyville madam, but Johnathan’s presence is an irresistible temptation. Josie becomes an afterthought as Regina consummates the feelings between them.

The Widow and the Wormhole

In spite of his desire that Regina avoid the Storyville madam, Josie and Regina are now friends. Regina must abandon the love of her life or follow her heart and stay with Johnathan.

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About Audra Hershey

Audra Hershey Photo
Audra Hershey

Audra Hershey wrote her first book at 10 and hasn’t stopped writing since. She holds a master’s degree in mass communication from the University of Denver and lives in Colorado.

When she’s not writing steamy stories where lovers are parted by the depths of time, she revamps her elderly house, watches the native birds and wildlife, and bikes and hikes with her husband and son.

Beyond writing the kinds of romance stories that make even a grown man blush, her passions include historical research, cooking, Chinese food, and making homemade cosmetics – not necessarily in that order. She left law school to trace her family history –to colonial Massachusetts and Quaker Pennsylvania and then to Europe to find a romantic history filled with Norman knights, Vikings, and Pictish warriors scaring the Romans into building Hadrian’s wall.

She is fascinated by history – you’ll find her passion for historical research throughout her books.

She loves hearing from readers.

Sign up for her newsletter or fill out her brief survey about what time periods fascinate you most for a chance to win prizes and exclusive giveaways each month.

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