And a few hundred years later…

Writer types are not usually technology geeks, and I am no exception – if I could afford to have someone else manage a website for me (with me just providing the content and the techies doing all the work), I’d happily do so. Unfortunately as I prep this website for another go live, I amContinue reading “And a few hundred years later…”

I love it when a plan comes together!

I admit that I was dreading it when the day came to spend all my time trying to recover the website. I didn’t think it would really be easy to deal with all the technical bruhaha from having been hacked, and redesign the look and feel of the site as I went because I reallyContinue reading “I love it when a plan comes together!”

Website Redesign Nearing the End!

After the crash and burn of the website earlier this year, my goal for this weekend was to get it back up and running again, get the content current (I can’t believe how many new books I published since February!), and realign the look and feel with the newsletter so there’s consistency across all myContinue reading “Website Redesign Nearing the End!”