!The Computer Ate My Homework!

One of the issues facing writers of the modern era is the ever present possibility that a technical failure will completely wipe out our work – and you’ll never guess who was toodling along, writing away on the draft of a novel WITHOUT MAKING A BACKUP FILE when the computer crashed and the original isContinue reading “!The Computer Ate My Homework!”

Turning Back to Eleanor of Aquitaine

For the moment I get to take a break from things technical and start working on the final book in the series – and it’s a doozy! It’s never a good thing to have a monarch lusting after you while the monarch’s wife knows all about it. Once again, Eleanor is making mean girl plansContinue reading “Turning Back to Eleanor of Aquitaine”

Plotting and Planning and Scheming…

I have already changed my publication schedule once this year – as much as I like the idea of a series of novellas about the Crusades for Christmas, I have just enough time to go live with another steaming hot series of books. I have a subject, and I will NOT be sending a modernContinue reading “Plotting and Planning and Scheming…”

And my version of Camelot is already off the rails…

My writing process is pretty well esstablished – for me I have to start with my research, and the plot fits into the historic or mythic circumstances of the story I’m working with. For THE REVENGE OF AVALON there’s history, but there’s far more Arthurian myth we all recognize. Yesterday the writing of the novelContinue reading “And my version of Camelot is already off the rails…”