I’m hitting my version of a home run…

I’m always looking for ways to get my heroines doing the nasty early in the story as I can – unfortunately they have to know someone before they do them. That means my fantasy is usually left in the dust. But in THE REVENGE OF AVALON we open on a renaissance fair that’s been goingContinue reading “I’m hitting my version of a home run…”

Sweet vs. Steamy…Or Is It Erotic?

As I’m pulling together the last pages on the website before what I hope will be an honest to goodness relaunch, something I added to another page triggered this topic in my mind – the ever present question I think romance writers always have about what steaming hot sexy level is in our books. Well,Continue reading “Sweet vs. Steamy…Or Is It Erotic?”

What is Writer’s Block Really?

Everyone has heard of writer’s block as the curse we writers face as we sit in front of our typewriters (yeah, right) staring at the white void of a blank page. The problem with that is my publication schedule is way to aggressive for me to be stuck when I have another installment of theContinue reading “What is Writer’s Block Really?”