Welcome to my blog – the space where I plan to spend time several times a week posting about what’s happening in the writing process, and focusing on both my inspirations for the writing itself, and how it works for me to sit down one day in front of a blank screen (ACK!) and end two months later with a full length book or its equivalent.


I did the math recently on IN ROMANCE BELLUM and the full series comes to about 115,000 words – and along the way there was more research than usual because I got to add the Emperor’s wife coming after Liz along the way (Spoiler Alert!) but I enjoy every minute of it – although some of you superfans know that it’s frustrating in a way because I try to catch every error and yet I never do!

I love it when a plan comes together!

I admit that I was dreading it when the day came to spend all my time trying to recover the...
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And my version of Camelot is already off the rails…

My writing process is pretty well esstablished - for me I have to start with my research, and the plot...
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Caffeine and Creativity – Linked?

I am not a morning person. And that makes it especially funny that I write early in the morning -...
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Where do my ideas come from?

A friend asked that question and found herself in the midst of a brainstorming session around the random title that...
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Sweet vs. Steamy…Or Is It Erotic?

As I'm pulling together the last pages on the website before what I hope will be an honest to goodness...
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What is Writer’s Block Really?

Everyone has heard of writer's block as the curse we writers face as we sit in front of our typewriters...
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Website Redesign Nearing the End!

After the crash and burn of the website earlier this year, my goal for this weekend was to get it...
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